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A reading challenge is excellent for bringing your reading to the next level! You can challenge yourself or your reading buddies to read more different books.

If you are currently in a reading slump, a reading challenge can open your eyes to many great new book titles!

Let's try one of these challenges or make your own!

Make the challenge more effortless, and use stickers!

1. Reading Challenge

  1. a book you can read in one sitting

  2. read a thriller

  3. a book you’ve been meaning to finish

  4. a book with yellow color

  5. a collection of short stories

  6. a book published the month of your birthday

  7. a book by an author who shares your first name

  8. a book you’ve been meaning to read

  9. book you know nothing about

  10. #BookTok recommendation

  11. a book about the afterlife

  12. a book about witches

  13. read a duology

  14. read a 5-star book

  15. a book from a favorite author

  16. the first book you touch on a shelf with your eyes closed

  17. a book in the front window of a bookstore

  18. the first book in a series you haven’t read before

  19. a book outside your comfort zone

  20. a used book

  21. a book with an ugly cover

  22. a book with magic

  23. a sci-fi novel

  24. read a mystery

  25. a book you loved as a kid

  26. a book adapted into a movie

  27. read a friend’s favorite book

  28. a book with a number in the title

  29. a new release

  30. reread a favorite book

  31. read a YA bestseller

  32. book you bought without reading the back

  33. a book that takes place on an island

  34. a book that’s under 200 pages

  35. read a bestselling novel

  36. a book based on a fairytale

  37. a book about best friends

  38. a book set in your home country

2. Reading Challenge

  1. book with an alternate ending

  2. book with ”Author’s Note

  3. book with a bilingual character

  4. a book set in a city you love

  5. a novel written in the 2000s

  6. book with an adorable cover

  7. book with a one-word title

  8. sci-fi book by a woman author

  9. book you bought last year

  10. book waiting to be read by years

  11. book by an author who published in more than one genre

  12. book by a woman author you’ve never read before

  13. book with less than 1000 ratings on Goodreads

  14. a book that has less than 3 colors on the cover

  15. the newest book on your TBR

  16. on your TBR for 2+ years

  17. a book with a textured cover

  18. a book that has won Goodreads Awards

  19. a retelling

  20. a book realeased 5+ years ago

  21. a book with an even number of pages

  22. a book you bought because of social media

  23. a book with a 40+ years old main character

  24. has one of 4 elements on the cover

  25. a second-person narrative

  26. featuring a library or a bookstore

  27. chapters have titles

  28. a book based on a real person

  29. a character with superhuman ability

  30. a five-syllable title

  31. a book you’ve seen someone reading in a public place

  32. a book picked on its spine

  33. includes a map

  34. award-winning book from your country

  35. book over 500 pages long

  36. from the villain’s perspective

3. Reading Challenge - Book genres

A great challenge to explore more book genres!

  1. read a thriller

  2. read a mystery

  3. read an adventure book

  4. read an action book

  5. read a classics

  6. read a comic book

  7. read a graphic novel

  8. read a detective book

  9. read a fantasy novel

  10. read a historical fiction book

  11. read a horror book

  12. read a literary fiction

  13. read a romance

  14. read a sci-fi book

  15. read a short stories collection

  16. read a women’s fiction book

  17. read a biography

  18. read a history book

  19. read a memoir

  20. read a poetry book

  21. read a true crime book

  22. read a dystopian book

  23. read a contemporary fiction

  24. read a magical realism book

  25. read a YA novel

  26. read a New Adult novel

  27. read a LGBTQIA+ book

  28. read a children’s book

  29. read an alternate history

  30. read a drama

  31. read a satire

  32. read a western

  33. read a journal

  34. read a diary

  35. read a review

  36. read a suspense book

  37. read a self-help book

4. Reading Challenge - Book Colors

A reading challenge doesn't have to be complicated! Just read the books by their colors.

  1. blue

  2. light blue

  3. dark blue

  4. red

  5. dark red

  6. burgundy

  7. yellow

  8. light yellow

  9. bold yellow

  10. green

  11. light green

  12. lime

  13. brown

  14. black

  15. white

  16. purple

  17. light purple

  18. dark purple

  19. orange

  20. silver

  21. pink

  22. golden

  23. bronze

  24. teal

  25. turquoise

  26. grey

  27. salmon

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