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How to overcome the fear of perfection in bullet journaling?

Like many of us, you experienced the fear of not being perfect. Often you don't start a bullet journal because you fear you won't create those ideal spreads as you have seen on Instagram or other social platforms.

When I first started my bullet journal, my hands were literally shaking from fear of messing up. It doesn't matter if I wanted to write something or draw. I was so scared I ruin my journal and that it won't be perfect like those I saw, and people even won't like them.

Eventually, I overcame my fear of perfectionism and learned that my bullet journal doesn't have to be perfect. All those mistakes make your bujo unique.

Here I some small tips that will help you overcome your fear. With small steps at a time, you will learn to enjoy your bujo. You don't even have to be artistic to create beautiful spreads!

Free dotted paper for A5, A4, Half-Letter, Letter, Happy Planner Big and

Happy Planner Classic!

Use a ring or disc-bound planner/journal with changeable pages

  • With this planner, you can take in and out the pages how you like.

  • When you don't like a page you created, you can simply take it out and make another.

  • You can use different types of paper to fit your needs—for example, watercolor paper to add a painting to your journal.

  • It's simple to rearrange the order of your pages.

  • You can change the cover of your journal depending on what you like at the moment.

  • All you need is a puncher.


  • If your lettering isn't what you like, use stickers.

  • There are stickers for headers, calendars, days, trackers, quotes, and more.

  • Use stickers to add a more artistic look to your bujo.

Washi tapes

  • They add a more aesthetic look to your bullet journal.

  • There are so many washi tapes that you can choose from and fit your style or a bujo theme.

  • They are relatively cheap, easy to use, and look so great!

  • You can use them in different ways to add an exciting look to your bujo.


  • The easiest way to draw shapes, boxes, and headers, letters, or numbers.

  • There a variety to choose from, and you can use them all over again.

  • They are easy to use.


  • A tricky way is to use stamps to stamp shapes, boxes, headers, letters, or numbers.

  • There a variety to choose from, and you can use them all over again.

  • They are easy to use however a bit messy too.

Crafting paper

  • An easy way to add colors to your bullet journal.

  • They come pre-printed with different designs and sizes.

  • You can use them as dividers.

  • Use junk journaling as an inspiration to create unique spreads with crafting paper.

Digital bullet journal spreads

  • Very popular already designed bujo spreads.

  • They come in different designs and paper sizes.

  • You can use them repeatedly all over again.

  • You can get a simple design and decorate it to your style.

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